Paper subscription: Are there shipping fees with my subscription?

The subscription price includes the shipping fees. For more information, go to the Paper Subscription page.

Buying the paper version of issues: How much are the shipping rates?

Shipping costs are calculated based on destination and number of issues. Please contact us at abo @ cielvariable.ca about rates for 5 or more issues or for special shipping options.

*Please note that mailings are processed on Thursdays.

Destination 1 issue 2 issues 3 issues 4 issues Delivery Time
CAN 0,00 $ 3,93 $ 4.41 $ 5.42 $ 3 - 5 business days
USA 6,21 $ 11.58 $ 18.02 $ 19.45 $ 5 - 7 business days
INT - Regular n/a 12,85 $ 16,34 $ 18,02 $ 4 - 6 weeks
INT - By plane 14.30 $ 32.31 $ 39.22 $ 50.79 $ 6 - 7 business days


Digital subscription: How does it work?

When you are subscribing to the digital version of the magazine, you will get the complet issues in PDF format by email. For more information, go to Digital Subscription page.

Is it possible to buy single articles?

You can get digital versions of articles, such as portfolios, essays, exhibition reveiews, etc., starting at 1,00$. For more information, go to the Articles page.

Do you have free items?

It is possible to download certain articles for free, like thematic introductions and readings for each issue. Also, it is our pleasure to offer you the complete issue of CV78 - COLLECTING PHOTOGRAPHY (digital version) for free.

How do we contact you?

Visit the Contact page to know the best way to contact us depending on your request.



What is Ciel variable privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to us. Ciel variable is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. With the exception of our personnel, your information will not be shared with third parties. The collection of your personal information is necessary to provide the product, service or information you requested and in order to process payment. For example, your credit card number or banking informations are used only for processing payments and not for marketing purposes.
Click here for our complete privacy policy.