Privacy Policy

1.0 Privacy Policy

Ciel variable is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. With the exception of our personnel, your information will not be shared with third parties. The collection of your personal information is necessary to provide the product, service or information you requested and in order to process payment. For example, your credit card number or banking informations are used only for processing payments and not for marketing purposes. Please find bellow our detailed privacy policy.


1.1 Why Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

We collect your personal information for the purposes listed below:

(a) To provide the product, service or information you requested
If you are a customer of Ciel variable, we use your name and address (postal and/or e-mail) in order to deliver the product, service or information you requested and to follow up with you about the transaction (i.e., send a bill, notify you that your subscription is expiring, etc.). If you enter into a contest offered through one of our websites or printed publication, we use your personal information to administer the contest on our own behalf or on behalf of our sponsors.

(b) To process payment
Your credit card number or banking information are used only for processing payments and not for marketing purposes.

(c) To send you information
From time to time we may send you further information about the publication, its offers, or other products produced under its name.

(d) Other purposes
From time to time, we may use your personal information for administrative purposes, for example: to obtain audited statements regarding numbers of subscribers per publication.


1.2 To Whom Do We Disclose Your Personal Information?

We may disclose your personal information to other companies that provide services on our behalf; such as la Société de développement des périodiques culturels québécois (SODEP) that manages our subscriptions as well as our website developers and hosts.


1.3 What Is Personal Information?

Personal information is any information that is related to an identifiable individual. It typically includes such information as your name, e-mail address, or mailing address. It could also include preferences you provided at websites or other information.


1.4 What Steps Do You Take For The Security Of My Information?

This website use industry-standard security measures to protect data against loss, misuse and interception by third parties.


1.5 How Can I Remove My Email Address From Bulk Messages?

If you prefer to no longer receive bulk messages from Ciel variable, please let us know :


1.6 How To Contact Us

If you have questions about our privacy policy, practices used on this web site or about your transactions on this web site, please contact us.

By mail:
Les Productions Ciel variable
5445 De Gaspé, bur. 334
Montréal (Québec) H3T 3B2

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